Cazare Malaia H2O GuestHouse

Accommodation and new experiences

Cazare Malaia H2O GuestHouse is a welcoming guesthouse located in Saliste village in Malaia commune, Valcea county, on the banks of the Șasa river, a tributary of the Lotru, in the heart of the beautiful Parâng Mountains in Romania. It is a suitable destination for those who want to relax and enjoy privacy, the location being isolated. Here are some details about this location:

The types of rooms offered:

A-Frame: An A-shaped construction that can accommodate up to 4 people. It offers a wonderful view of the mountains of Lotru and the river Şasa.

H2O GuestHouse Malaia – Saliste facilities:

Spacious Living Room: A generous living room for spending free time at home.
Equipped Kitchen: You can store food and cook yourself. Pastravaria Saliste is 200 meters away, it is a place where you can get supplies to cook for yourself.
Free WiFi Internet: Available throughout the guesthouse.
Terrace in the yard equipped with barbecue and a comfortable and relaxing jacuzzi.
Spectacular View: The houses overlook the mountains of Lotru and the river Şasa.
Bicycles included in the price of accommodation for hiking in the neighboring areas of the guesthouse.

Trips and Activities:

Excursions to Sibiu (which we enjoyed like the first time), the Buila-Vânturarița National Park, the Ciunget Hydropower Plant and many others. Mountain, ecological, rural, cultural and adventure tourism in the area. For questions and reservations, you can call the number 0727279999. Participation in the Brezoi Music Festival.

Hiking in the Lotru Valley

If you are passionate about hiking and want to discover the beauty and diversity of the Lotru Mountains, you have many interesting and challenging trails at your disposal. Depending on your level of experience, available time and your preferences, you can choose from the following options:

If you want to do a short and easy hike, you can go to the Sila Valley, where you will admire the Sila Waterfall, a spectacular waterfall surrounded by forest. The route is about 3 km long and can be done in 30-45 minutes. The departure is from Săliște, a village located 15 km from Mălaia. There is no marking on this route, but the path is visible and does not present technical difficulties1.
If you want to do an average hike, with a moderate difference in level, you can go to Valea Bucureasa Mare, where you will see the Scorușu Waterfall, another impressive waterfall that spills over the rocks. The route is about 10 km long and can be done in 1-2 hours. The departure is from Mălaia, from the Bucureasa Mare Viaduct. There is no marking on this route, but the forest road is easy to follow1.
If you want to do a long and difficult hike, with a big difference in level and with panoramic views, you can go to Vârful Zmeurat, the highest in the Lotru Mountains, with 1938 m. The route is about 25 km long and can make in 5-6 hours. The departure is from Mălaia, from Valea Satului. There is marking on this route, blue tape, but it is recommended to have appropriate equipment and check the weather forecast before you go.